We provide our users with the means to visualize their data, using graphs, images, maps, and CAD drawings.  When combined with database information this allows them to rapidly view and utilize the information to effectuate better decision making.

Visual Access Technology, Inc. is a Connecticut registered  corporation incorporated in 1991.  Our offices are located in both Maine and Connecticut.

​The partners of Visual Access each have well over 30 years of software design and consulting experience. They have worked together developing information management tools since the early 1980's and have produced systems on a wide range of platforms.  Since its inception the company has been involved with supplying its technology to corporations in areas including Facilities Management,Visual Navigation Systems,Move-Add-Change Management, and On-Line Reservations Systems.

The expansion into the Education Market has been a logical extension for the use of our proprietary technology and has enabled us to deliver a solution to clients in the Higher Education and Institutional Research marketplace as well as the K-12 arena.

What Really Matters

Providing better tools for evidence-based decision making

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