Our LiveBook solutions enable you to:
  • Visualize
  • Analyze
  • Link
  • Understand
  • Explore

LiveBook Analytics has been in production use for several years. Its development and initial use was spearheaded by the Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE) at M.I.T. in partnership with Visual Access Technology (VAT).

The LiveBook platform was designed to provide a wide range of information to a broad user base to improve decision making.  The Dashboard allows the user to quickly see patterns, differences, ranks and trends.​  LiveBook provides a rich set of tools to build a collection of peer sets, define graph types, and overlay statistics for each Indicator on the Dashboard.

  • Peer construction and comparisons​

  • ​Interactive Modeling

  • ​Ranking of Peers

  • ​Time Series Analysis

  • ​Mapping

  • Statistical Analysis

​​The User Management Module is a significant component in the platform, providing tools for collaboration, document management and overall web context.

LiveBook solutions for higher education

LiveBook Strategic Solutions - A Visual Data Platform Enabling Comparative Analysis through Benchmarking