LiveBook Solutions for K-12

The LiveBook comparative analytics technology is a platform to visualize data, explore relationships, and associate content.  ​​In the Education K-12 market we provide school districts with this tool that can easily and affordably make all relevant student data accessible and usable, thus empowering systemic improvement and decision making related to:

  • Early warnings for students at risk of failure
  • Tracking and understanding the factors that lead to ascending or descending student performance
  • Analysis of available student performance data for trends and overlays between local and standardized assessments
  • Comparisons to any internal or externally defined cohort
  • Integration of data from different data sources including public data resources
  • Data visualization of local data with benchmark overlays
  • Customized tracking and displays of all kinds
  • Access from the district, building or individual teacher dashboard levels
  • Repository of documents and content links creates a knowledge base of best practices and current information.

key Benefits