LiveBook for Education

LiveBook is our strategic solution enabling Comparative Analysis through Benchmarking.  It has been implemented for our clients in higher education and institutional research as well as K-12 school districts. 

It is our mission to provide all of our clients with cost-effective, high-quality solutions which utilize today's emerging technologies and the wide range of platforms they support. We focus on the visual presentation, navigation, linkage, data integration, and analysis of data to improve decision making.  We have developed a range of products and solutions to implement our mission, some strategic, some applied.  We are prepared to answer your questions:

  • How does my organization compare to my peers?
  • What areas should be targeted for change?
  • How can I visualize my data, integrate companion information, and prioritize improvements?

Strategic Partnerships

Throughout our business history we have had a special focus on establishing strategic partnering alliances with companies having expertise in specific market segments. This Strategic Alliance approach allowed us entry into application segments where the partner had the market expertise. The partner provided a unique solution to their clients and achieved a market advantage. In this way the partner focused on sales and marketing of a solution integrated with their business model and Visual Access Technology focused on supplying new technological advances.  We continue to pursue this philosophy and are happy to discuss partnering arrangements.  Please call us!

Facilities and Occupancy Management Services

Although we have transitioned to working within the Education market we continue to serve our clients using our Facilities and Occupancy Management products.  Please contact us if you would like to explore work with us in this area. 

Consulting Services

We have developed a range of products and solutions to implement our mission, some strategic, some applied.  We also think out of the box! If your needs fall beyond the scope of our offered products we are happy to review options and other opportunities.  We are skilled in developing applications for content management and data visualization.  We are prepared to answer your questions and find solutions.

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