LiveBook - Improved Decision making with Comparative Analytics and Benchmaking

Comparative Analytics

Multi-dimensional navigation provides a gateway to exploring and understanding metrics

  • Explore horizontally to help understand cause and effect relationships

  • Explore vertically to see finer levels of detailed data

  • Explore laterally to view associated content and related measures of performance

  • Use integrated analytic tools to add business intelligence by:

               Setting different charting types and options

               Dynamically reconfiguring peer sets for comparison

               Adding associated measures


​One of the key components of LiveBook is our Dashboard technology. Our simple tools provide for the rapid assembly of data into a Dashboard utilizing a wide range of charting options including time series animation and mapping. Chart elements (Indicators) display comparative metrics and can drill down to multi-levels of detail for the user to explore detailed data relationships.

​​The Tree Explorer provides the user free form exploration of their data with:

  • Dashboard and Tree viewing
  • Wide array of Chart types

  • Drill down capabilities

  • Comparison of peer sets, interactive peer comparisons

  • Time series charts

  • Maps

  • Power Point integrated presentation